A close friend of mine referred Peter to me after I purchased a new home. My wife was 38 weeks pregnant and getting the home ready for our son in time was crucial. Not only did Peter do a phenomenal job, but he squeezed us into his very busy schedule so that our home could be ready for when the baby came.

Regarding his work, he did an A+ job refinishing my hardwood floors in my dining and living room. When I purchased the home, the floors were an absolute disaster; holes in the wood, worn down so badly it was no longer level. After a day and a half with them, Peter made them look like BETTER than new. On top of that he shampooed my carpets in my basement transforming that into a brand new room as well. The product he uses for the floors was a water base, and the equipment is dust free. These two factors were very important, especially with my pregnant wife, but pregnant wife or not you can still enjoy the rest of your home while Peter works because of this.

Truly top notch work, at very competitive pricing. Would, and have, recommend him to friends and family.

Kevin W.